Beginner Pole Program

This is an 4 week beginner level program designed for new pole students. This program will help teach you the fundamental elements of pole dance fitness! We will focus on increasing a students strength, flexibility and technique. Learning beginner tricks, spins and poses! This program will meet several times a week.

  • Monday-8:00pm Stiletto Pole
  • Wednesday-8:00pm Tricks & Combos
  • Friday-7:00pm Level 1-2 Tricks
  • Saturday-10am Create a Routine

Pole Class Descriptions

Combos and Transitions: Build your ability to transposition from one trick to another. Learn to transition from one group of tricks to the next. Build short or long routines to increase stamina and strength!

Flow & Flexibility: Begin to increase your flexibility to achieve those beautiful lines on and off the pole. Flow is the connection from floor to pole to trick and back again. Begin to learn the art of sensuality that makes pole dancing a joy to watch.

Inversions, Climbs, Mounts: Our most rigorous class by far. Using all over body strength to go upside down. Build pain tolerance for some of the ouchie mounts! Always a great workout!

Pole Levels 1-2: Beginner tricks and spins designed to be easy to learn and begin to build your strength and flexibility.
Pole Levels 3-4: Intermediate to advanced tricks that begin to push your ability and take advantage of your new confidence with the pole.

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